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When you apply at the water company, you will need a 911 address description of your property, plus directions.


  • $100.00-Renters Deposit
  • $100.00-Owner of residence with previous service deposit
  • New ¾ inch meter – Call for price

Please call for a quote on larger service needs like a one-inch tap or meter.

All fees must be paid prior to service being connected.

THIS application between Orange Beach Water Authority, a public corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Alabama, hereinafter called the “Corporation”, and the undersigned water user, hereinafter called the “Water User”.NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of mutual covenants, promises, and agreements herein contained, it is hereby understood and agreed:

  • The Corporation shall furnish, subject to the limitation as provided for in the By-Laws, Service Rules and Regulations hereinafter provided for, such quality of water as the Water User may desire in connection with his occupancy of property located in the Orange Beach Service Area.

  • The Water User shall install and maintain at his own expense a service line which shall begin at a point designated by the Corporation at his property line extend to dwelling and other portions of his premises.

  • The Water User’s service line shall connect with the distribution system of the Corporation at the place designated by the Corporation has determined in advance that the Corporation’s water system is of sufficient capacity to permit delivery of water to that point. Water User’s plumber shall connect to meter coupling after proper authorization by Corporation. User shall install proper cut-off on his side of the meter.

  • The Water User shall pay for such water at such rates, time, and places as shall be determined by the Corporation.

  • The Corporation shall purchase and install a curb stop and water meter and a meter coupling within a meter box comprising a service, provided use of water is immediately desired. Meter will be install at or near the property line usual within 3 feet. At no time may the meter and computation equipment be fenced in or otherwise be made unaccusable to the Corporation. The Corporation shall have exclusive right to use cut-off value and water meter and to turn it on and off or maintain and service its equipment.

  • The Corporation shall make the final determination in any question of location of any service line connection to its distribution system and shall determine the allocation of water to Water User in the event of a water shortage.

  • The Corporation may shut off the water of a Water User who allows a connection or extension to be made to his service line for the purpose of supplying water to another user. Intent being to serve one family or household per meter.

  • The failure of a Water User to pay water charges duly imposed shall result in the automatic imposition of the following penalties: A. 10% penalty shall automatically be added to all accounts not paid on or before the 20th of each month. B. Nonpayment within 30 days from due date will result in the water being shut off from the Water User’s property.

  • In the event that it becomes necessary for the Corporation to shut off the water from a Water User’s property for violation of the Rules and Regulations, a fee of $75.00 will be charged for reconnection of the service. A fee will be charged for any damage done intentionally to the meter or other equipment of the Corporation.

The foregoing notwithstanding, the Corporation reserves the right to make or amend the By-Laws or the Rules and Regulations of the System from time to time, and the Water User agrees to abide by such changes.

The User understands that a refundable security deposit will be collected upon connection of services, which said deposit shall be applicable to any balance by the User to the Corporation for service rendered and not paid for.

    Acceptance of Terms & Conditions and understand all fees must be paid prior to service being connected.*

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